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    no problem!

    that was a stack of envelopes full of prize money called kensho that the gyoji (referee) was giving to Osunaarashi.

    when there are matches involving really popular wrestlers, companies can sort of "sponsor" the matches. they put forward a certain amount of money (60,000 yen, so around 600 dollars), half of which goes to the Sumo Association that oversees the sport, and half is put in an envelope as a prize for the winner of the bout. for that money, the company gets to have their banner paraded around the ring before the beginning of the match and their names announced in the arena, so they get some advertisement out of it as well:


    in the case of the match above, both Endo and Osunaarashi are very popular. Endo is one of the most popular guys in the sport because he's a good looking, young, promising Japanese wrestler, and Osunaarashi because he's the first African professional sumo wrestler (from Egypt) and he has an exciting style. because they're so popular (although Osunaarashi isn't in the top division anymore) their matches will pretty much always have some extra sponsor money on the line for the winner. those envelopes aren't on the line for every match, only ones with popular wrestlers or important matches.

    and regarding how legal the forearm smash to the face is, it's perfectly legal although around the time of that match Osunaarashi started to get criticized a lot for being too vicious. i didn't have a problem with it and it's not against the rules, but the criticism did lead to him changing his style to avoid those kinds of blasts at the initial charge.

    glad you're interested in sumo. it can absolutely seem like a tough sport to get into but it's a lot of fun. and like i said feel free to follow along in the thread and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
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    Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain all that of that to me. I watched a Documentary on a famous sumo wrestler who now prepares food for sumo's at his restraunt. I guess there is a specific name for the food server to Sumo's.... and he is a specialist at these types of food. They were talking about how Sumo's have fat around their muscles... because of the amount of physical activity that they do, and they don't eat in the morning until after they have done a long training session. This builds up their fat under their skin.. called subcutenous fat. Where as an obese person gets what is called "Visceral" fat... where the fat is in their organs and all over their bodies... One type of fat is for protection.... the other is just stored fat that creates cortisol and kills people. These man may carry extra fat from the way that they train, but they are FAR from being couch potatoes or out of shape. I have a lot of respect for someone who devotes their lives to a craft like this. Thanks again for your time an insight!!
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    Roy Nelson did pretty well in sumo wrestling.

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