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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Savant21, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Ok I was recommended to try out the Sumo DL since I've been experiencing lower back pain from the conventional DL. I unfortunately have APT which makes it a bitch to make consistent gains on Squats & DLs, though I have been stretching consistently & my APT has alleviated significantly but my posture isn't sufficient yet.

    That said, I'm not sure if my form on this variation of the DL is correct. I followed the advice from this video:

    Whenever I do the sumo, my mid to lower back is very, very slightly sore/uncomfortable but not as severe as the conventional DL:

    I've been doing Sumo for the last 5 workouts (specifically for the DL obviously, I follow Stronglifts 5x5 so DLs are every other workout).

    Not sure if I should continue with this variation or revert back to the conventional DL. I just ordered a legit Powerlifting belt from Amazon (90% or so 5 stars out of 300 reviews) so it could aid in the soreness/discomfort when doing this version.

    *Edit: Apologies if anyone has trouble viewing the vid. I had trouble publishing it on YouTube yesterday & it was listed as "Private" when I went back to edit it this morning. Switched it to Public so it should play, opening it up in YouTube works if it doesn't play on the forum.
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    I'll look in more detail but the bar is way too far in front of you. The bar should be more or less set against your shins and your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar.

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