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    Sometimes gear isn't necessarily something you're wearing in the gym, maybe it's a T-Shirt you wear to support a company or a sticker you put on your car or a keychain to show your passion for your sport.

    If you've followed my interviews you'll remember that one of the first that I had the pleasure of doing was with Shakib Nassiri (Shakib Nassiri – President, SubmissionFC Shakib is a nice guy who will take the time to answer any questions you might have.

    He's also ramping up to release some new designs (which look great, a big improvement on the existing ones) as well as SubmissionFC's launch of their Gis for kids. So in that spirit he's also been working on some items that will go along with that release and also help show grappler's love for the sport.

    He was nice enough to send me a SubmissionFC license plate frame for my SUV. It's a good quality plastic. It simply says "I am a Submission fighter."

    The thing that makes this stand out is that while it has the submission logo, you can tell that Shakib made this for people who are passionate about the sport and the doesnt have any URL etc on it.

    It's held up to the winter salts and snow of Pennsylvania just fine - and once I have this issue worked out with my web provider I'll have some shots uploaded as well!
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