Struggling with big people

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by feeeno, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Aug 24, 2016
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    Im two stripe white belt, that struggling with people who are fat. Never get any fun sparring with them since it's all about strength. Special fat white belts that never "dare" to play guard play.

    Some tips on how to play against them?
    I end up playing guard because they always want to pass guard.I Choose rather that than playing takedown with them
  2. Uchi Mata

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    You have to sort of play around people much bigger that you. Omoplatas and arm drags are very good ways to do this. In general, you want to try and dominate a single limb and keep them extended, because if a big person can get balance and put weight on you it's very hard to recover. Collar + sleeve on one side of his body with a foot in his opposite hip stretching him out is effective, and also is a great omoplata/triangle setup (both of which work against big guys). I'd suggest avoiding half guard and closed guard simply because distance management is hard from those.
  3. SMYD

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    May 23, 2017
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    Arm drag, get up, pin head on the ground, then soccer kicks to the head.
  4. Quebec Nick

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    You're right about the stand up part, they usually never go for throws or anything fun, they battle for grips and they wait to crush you down into a turtle position or they force you into a strange closed mount

    For the positions, the worst are halfguard and mounted. From side control, you can frame and if the big guy is slow you can manage to go back to guard. But with halfguard they can stay there forever, if they are not too skilled I usually forget about grip fighting and arm position and I go as low as possible to work on the controlled leg and I try a sweep until something happens.

    I always try to have them on their knees, fat guys are slow to get up and rarely try to go on their back to put you into their guard.

    In closed guard I always try omoplatas and I cheat a lot on one side having one of my leg almost all the way over the back, almost as if I'm trying to get the back. So even if the omoplata doesn't work I usually manage to get to their back or a good position. But if the guy is skilled nothing of that sort is gonna work because he's gonna adjust all the time to keep you centered
  5. Cappy Goodtime

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    May 16, 2017
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    Play a sitting guard so you can manage distance. Unless you are in close enough to work butterfly sweeps, control both of their sleeves or at least their near sleeve so they can't bullfighter pass you.
  6. Russky

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    Big fat guys do not have much stamina. They only move when you stop, and take long rest after every move. Keep moving. Every time you pause you give them a chance.

    Guard is not an easy game against big guys. If I get into bottom guard I disengage and try to take back or roll them into top control. Then I am bucking that horse until he's tired and tame.

    Standing or on my knees I keep distance to prevent them from grabbing me. I hold them by the end of the sleeves and move to the side.
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  7. Papawash

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    Use butterfly and x. If your gym allows stand up then stand up and tire him out.

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