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    Yes. a few minor league organizations (mostly old WKF splintergroups to small to notice by themselves. Like WUKF and the newly "recreated" WUKO (Ie WKF had let the coopyright to the WUKO name slip 20 years after they changed it, so a minor organization started using it and claimed to be the original org by that name)) have formed a loose minor league federation. founded this summer, so they have not actually done anything yet.
    They may grow into a serious player, but I would not hold my breath.
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    JKA rules are simple, wins who hit the opponent with a perfect strike. This means a punch or kick on the body that knockout the opponent.
    Strikes on the head is not allowed with full power, so a punch or kick against the head with perfect timing, distance and precision scores a ippon, what means that you didn't knockout your opponent just because of the well done control. If something in your technique is not perfect, but reach the target with proper distance a wasari is scored. What means that if the technique wasn't controlled the punch or kick would hurts the opponent but not enough to knockout with a single shot.
    Is just a matter of realistic sense, considering the power control and having speed, timing, distance and plastic (correct and effective form) as criteria.
    But what really makes JKA Karate different of the others is the philosophy. We in JKA allways looks to develop Karate first as a self defense martial art. Sport karate is a small part of our training.
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    Lots of good replies in this thread. To make it short and sweet:

    • JKA is the original Shotokan org. Perhaps not exactly what Gichin Funakoshi taught but this is the gold standard for Shotokan at the moment. Clean shots win fights, even if they produce a KO (when someone walks into a strike), though excessive contact may be penalized.
    • WKF is "sport" point fighting for all Karate styles, aiming at being in the Olympics. Kicks are valued over punches to make it more spectacular. Everyone hops around a lot. Excessive contact will almost always be penalized.

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