Ronda rousey got dem hands boi

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    The only objective measurement of how entertaining a sport is is its audience reach. Football is unparalleled as far as that is concerned.
    Baseball is not huge in Latin America at all. AFAIK, it is only big in Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela and a few other countries (located mainly in Central America). It's not big in Brazil and Argentina. I don't think it could even be called a fringe sport in these countries, it's below that. Claiming that baseball's popularity extends to South America is just factually incorrect.
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    You know that Venezuela is part of South America, don't you? Baseball is more popular in Central America than South America; that's true. It's also popular in the islands like Cuba (as you mentioned), Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. One just need look at an MKB baseball game to see the large numbers of players with Hispanic surnames. This is a phenomenon that's been increasing over the last few decades.

    One of the nice things about baseball is you don't have to be big to play it. It also doesn't require injuring members of the opposing team as in football and sometimes hockey which doesn't require hurting the other team but for some reason has an inordinate number of fights break out during pro games.

    BTW, what do people in your country watch for sports when its not soccer season?

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