Ring to Cage Deluxe Gel-tech 2.0 review

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    I recently bought the Ring to Cage (R2C) Gel-tech 2.0 recently as I have a pretty big nose which has been broken many times throughout rugby and boxing I decided it was time to get a face saver.
    I researched the many brands available looking for the best and came across Winning (also came across Winnings price tag and ran the other direction), looked at Cleto Reyes and the reviews seemed 50/50 and if they liked them or not then I came across R2C's headguard, the reviews were all good and all pointed out that the price was the best you'd find for a headgear like this that actually managed to do its job, so I took the plunge and bought one.

    Price - Being from Australia for me to buy the $60 on special one ended up costing me close to $150.00 after postage and conversion rates. That being said I'm far happier with this over spending $600.00 on Winning.

    Fit & Feel - The headguard hugs your forehead nicely, the tightness prevents it from wiggling around much, can be a little bit uncomfortable at first but after a few sessions it feels nice and comfortable with the lining being quite rough at first (free exfoliation amirite?)
    The outside of the headgear is quite large (it almost makes my head twice its normal size) but that goes for most facesavers if not all. A few people complain of the weight (roughly 24oz) but for a smaller guy like myself it just strengthens up my neck.

    Sparring - I found that over the 12 rounds of sparring I have used it in so far (three different sparring partners) that it is a very well made headgear. It absorbed the blows nicely and never once did the nose guard crash into my Empire State building sized nose.
    Visibility is probably around 85% what you'd see without it, however that being said during 3 rounds with a 90kg pro (I'm 64kgs) I did get caught with a hook that lifted me off my feet, had I of not been wearing the headgear I would have either been ko'd or not hit at all who knows.
    One thing that sets this headgear apart is I've done many years of sparring without headgear and I've often been plagued by headaches (throughout my life not just during my boxing years) for probably one of the first times ever I had no sparring headache after sparring with this headgear.

    Overall - I'd say for the price and the protection it offers it's worth giving this a try if you're on a budget like I am, if I had pockets overflowing with gold I'd love to try a Winning FG-5000 but until that day I'll stick with this.
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    hey mate, I'm also from Australia and if your after a Winning FG 5000 i have one for sale, $400 never used, hit me up if interested. I also have the above RTC headgear plus the UMA and nothing compares to the Winning.

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