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    well in my gym depending on what mood the coach is in we have days where you just go in and hit the heavy bag until you wait to get called on the pads, after the pads you either go back to the heavy bag or get called to spar and then at the end you do ground work, so in them kind of training sessions I could get my hybrids tied up (for the benefits of lace up) as they will only be coming off either once on non sparring days which I would take off before we do ground work or twice on sparring days I would change from the hybrids over to my sparring gloves and then from my sparring gloves to no gloves for the ground work.. then there are days which I call (boxercize) types of classes where its less about technique and more about fitness and your body being worked until your practically stumbling out the door at the end of the session, these types of sessions I would not bother with lace up as the gloves are constantly coming off you go from hitting the bag to medicine ball throws, from medicine ball throws to squats, to shadow boxing with weights in your hands then back to hitting the heavy bag then to something else, your constantly switching excercizes so tieing my laces on these sessions would be a massive inconvenience.

    so that is why the hybrids appealed to me because of the type of training I will be doing, however I can definitely see what you mean how it would be awkward to tie up around the hybrid wrist, I have not ever seen a reyes glove in person before but on the hybrids you can see from pictures how the Velcro strap takes up the whole length of the cuff, with the normal lace up there is the triple cuff which you can obviously rest the laces on one of the grooves, so I think like others on this thread have said, if any future members or guests ever get stuck on making this decision and do the same kind of training as me the best bet for you to do would be to get the lace ups and get a hook and loop converter if you can put up with ugliness lol.
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    I have my LACE-UP or Velcro Rivals for classed

    I switch them up depending on what we do lolll
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