Punk vs Jackson. Free money?

Discussion in 'MMA Betting Discussion' started by Lando, May 31, 2018.

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    I think thats a worse bet than the original one. Pettis takes out Benavides...
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    what if Jackson has even worst grappling than Punk? Gall instance-sub him. Punk at least survived the ground longer. Question is can Punk get Jackson to the ground and keep him there? Unknown ground game vs pretty bad ground game LOL. Jackson would probably smash Punk if it stays on the feet. Then the question of Jackson throwing the fight. Punk win has alot more value to the UFC than a Jackson win. who knows. But good luck, hope you win and Punk calls it a career.
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    Survived longer because Gall decided to bash the side of his face a bit longer before choking him out. Nobody should take the fact that Punk lasted a little longer to mean ANYTHING about his grappling. The entire time was Gall with Punk flattened out, pounding away while Punk did nothing but lay there covering the sides of his head, waiting for the ref to stop it. Gall mercifully sank in the choke after awhile, but Punk showed absolutely nothing on the mat there. Zip.

    Again, it was against a world class grappler so I'm not saying we SHOULD have seen anything from Punk on the mat there. But there's no takeaway from those two fights in terms of grappling other than that both Punk and Jackson can't sniff Gall's jock when it comes to ground fighting.
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