Powerlifting, heavy bag, self defense

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    Self defense? 1 set of buying a Glock 17 with hollow points and getting a concealed carry license, for time.
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    Depends upon where you live. Where I live, according to published crime stats, 90% of attacks are done with weapons (mainly knives) and/or numbers (meaning two or more attackers). Some places are worse (more firearms used in attacks), some much better (fewer weapons and fewer attacks).

    Against unarmed attacks by a single person you'll probably do fine. Against armed attacks by multiple people not so much, but actually fighting is a poor choice if you're living in an area where that's common; street smarts (ie avoiding trouble before it arises) and quick feet (ie running fast and hard) are your best bet for those. Your local gov't will publish its crime stats; that'll tell you how well you'll do against the most common threats you might actually face.
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