Pacman vs. Danny Garcia

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    Decent chin? probably the best chin in boxing right now p4p Ive watched all his fights and this boy can take a punch must be the extra toe.

    Danny only needs one shot he could be down on the cards and get worked like Rios was pushing him back and throwing flurries and grinding him, and all he needs is that one hitter quitter and its a wrap

    Dannys chin is insane I dont even think Pac could hurt him, Pac no longer has his feet, in the Horn fight he was so flat footed, his feet were his primary tool, he was Lomachenko before Lomachenko, in and out with angles

    This fight will be two flat foot fighters one old and tiny with a glass chin the other young, hungry iron china and heavy hands. Pac wont be able to to out box him without getting clipped, Dannys power is heavy all he needs it to clip Manny even on the top of the head and that is enough to wobble him
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