Overcoming Shin Splints

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by RichardN7, Sep 8, 2017.

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    Title says it all. Started running a lot as of late and a week or two in I got traumatic periostitis of the shin bone (to be scientific :d), i.e. Shin Splints ;(
    I've heard people stretch and massage the soleus muscle and claim it's helped. Other say they alternate burning hot water and ice cold water for 1minute intervals. I'll try both of these.
    Anyone else got advice on treatment?

    Also, how often should I run? At this point I'm running almost every day; two days long distance, two days sprints and two days aerobic/anaerobic intervals. What do you think, too much running? What alternatives are there to running for cardio (don't say swimming or bike, I know of these and they don't really work well for me xD)?

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    Watching a snail crawl along a straight razor.
    Ice, reduce running volume and build up more gradually.
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    Get a theraband. Put it around your foot and dorsiflex your foot. You're working tibialis anterior and other muscles.
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    i bought this thing called pro-stretch calf and achilles stretcher

    I have one of those sticks for self massage that I use on my legs

    a tiny ball to roll my feet

    compression sleeves for my calves and shins.

    Proper running shoes and socks
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    I used to curl a towel towards me and push it away from me with my toes back and forth.
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    This is the best answer. You could have an issue with a couple of things that would lead to this, ranging from just weight, inexperience, poor form or a combination of the three in addition to poor training shoes and the training environment.

    Slowly build up to the distance if running is new to you or if you have ran in the past and are simply having issues such as shin splints holding you back. I have found that using an elliptical and keeping your heart rate at the same level for equivocal time and gradually increase the percentage that running makes up your cardio program helps.

    I was on the junior national team for cross country and track as a middle distance runner in the 10K and steeple. When I injured my Achilles and rehabed it I put on close to forty lbs. going from 180 to 220 in a period of six months. When I came back to running I found I was developing shin splints just because of the impact of a heavier self. I switched to using an elliptical and stair climber before doing my runs and trying to keep the distance and time as similar as possible and allowed me to get back to it. I am now running at 240 lbs. for half and fulls and have no issues.
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