Outslayer 6ft Muay Thai Bag

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    After 3 years of training I think it's safe to say that Outslayer makes my favorite Muay Thai bag. Wether it be be the 150lb bag or the heavy 500lb bag Outslayer does it the best. Some of the best quality's with Outslayer's products include:
    -Ability to clean off blood and all substances with a quick wipe down (I've only trained on the white bags and they always look brand new after every wipe down)
    -They look super bad***
    -10 year warranty
    -Order them filled or unfilled
    -Stay looking brand new after years of use
    -Stiff yet impact absorbent feel
    -Ability to customize the size, weight, color, etc
    -Fair prices
    -Finally, the men and women working at Outslayer are great people and their customer service is outstanding. They are glad to help with any customization or questions you may have.

    I've trained at UFC, Subfighter, and Mercado Muay Thai. Subfighter and MMT both used Outslayer's products (MMT ran 100% Outslayer while Subfighter had 1 bag from Outslayer) I always preferred training on Outslayer's products because of the reasons listed above, specifically the feel of hitting it. Unlike other bags they don't buckle up after every hit. They stay stiff but absorb the hit very well without hurting your wrists or shins, allowing you to follow through with longer combos without having the bag do a fish dance. I'm finally able to purchase my very own Outslayer heavy bag because my last home didn't have any space for one. When thinking about what bag to get I didn't have to think twice, Outslayer is definitely the way to go for big gyms and home use. If you haven't ever used one of their bags I highly suggest you look into their product before purchasing something else thats probably more expensive and not as high of quality.
    If you have any questions please comment and I'll respond ASAP.
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