Need advice for nutritional energy during a diet.

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    I recently decided to do a lifestyle change, along with a big change in my diet.

    Losing weight is a goal, but not neccessarily an overall purpose for the change.

    I've started to do three things -

    1. Drastically cut down on the amount of added sugar. If a food/drink has anything more than 3g of it, I pass. But fruits are open season.

    2. Intermittent fasting. I've started 15 hour daily fasts, and so far the hunger isn't getting to me.

    3. Soy based Meal-replacement shakes. I have two of them during my 9 hour eating periods. I don't plan on doing them for longer than neccessary, just to get down to my ideal weight.

    But on Day 3 of starting this, after being awake only 12 hours and my eating period ended, I had an unnatural urge to fall asleep. I could compare it to taking a persciption sleeping pill. I was wide awake, and one hour later I was like a zombie.

    So I fell asleep and was surprised to awaken 10 hours later. I usually need 7 or 8 hours, maximum.

    So I'm curious Sherbros, I know this is a result of the diet change, and it's going to take a hell of alot more to get me to kick this diet. (I'm 6'0 and 220 pounds, and am going to get down to 200, 190, or 180 depending on how I feel and the difficulty). What is something I can add to my food consumption that'll add energy, but doesn't have caffeine?

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