Murata vs Blandamura live RBR 5am pst 8am est espn2

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by The Can Opener, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Lemi vs Mura would be a very fan friendly fight.

    After what Hurd did, Lara should NOT move up, and that would not even be entertaining.
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    Lara needs a cash out fight. He should fight whoever pays the most at whatever weight they want. He is done. All that is left for him are a couple of paychecks. He started round 1 of the Hurd fight standing in mud. Those legs are shot and his offense isn't enough to beat any top guys. He should be asking for a Canelo rematch and Canelo should JUMP at the chance to erase the first fight because it would barely even be a tune up but would aslo sell really easy as a revenge match.

    If somehow Lara is set financially already he should just hang them up.

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