Muay Thai gloves - brands, weights and hand compartment sizes?

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    I have a pair of 16oz Boon gloves (current edition) that I use for all my training (sparring and pad/bag work) but would like at least get a pair of smaller 12oz gloves for pad/bag work, and perhaps even another pair of sparring friendly 16oz. These will be used for pad/bag work and Muay Thai /Kickboxing Sparring.

    I would consider my hands to be average (towards large?), and find the Boon gloves have a rather large hand compartment for me in width, but finger length seems about right. It seems looser than 16oz Twins and Top King to me new, but at least part of that may be the "stiffer" padding of the Boon holding the hand compartment's shape more while the "puffier" padding of Twins/Top King seem to push back onto the hands far more?. However, I have seen others on the forum mention that they have found Boon to have a smaller than average fit, hence my confusion and this post.

    Do Boon and/or Fairtex BGV9, BGV5/6 hand compartments vary between 16oz, 14oz and 12oz sizes? How do they compare to each other?

    My current short list:-

    Pad/Bag Work - 12oz Fairfax BGV9. I am leaning towards these but and a little confused as to what size their hand compartment is compared to Boon and if 12oz would be too small. Could anyone offer feedback on the hand compartment size of 12oz Fairfax BGV9 compared to say current 16oz Boon gloves? I would prefer a lighter pair of 12oz gloves if possible for pad/bag work.

    I have also considered getting a pair of the 6oz Boon Bag gloves, or even 12oz Boon's for pads.

    Sparring - Considering 16oz Fairtex BGV6 mainly due to Woldog's experiences with them. Some say the Fairfax BGV5's are better for Muay Thai sparring as they have more padding on wrist/hands for blocking kicks etc, while the BGV6's are more boxing oriented with less padding on wrist. However for some reason older posts are almost universally negative for the BGV5's...have they improved since then?

    Other considerations - I am located in Australia so that limits access to some brands when taking into consideration crazy postage costs (I am looking at you Ring2Cage and most other US brands).

    Looking forward to any feedback or advise you guys can offer!

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