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    I have a few questions about Muay Thai fighters fighting at higher weigh limits. I've read that Lumpinee and Rajadamnern have a max weight limit of 155 and 160 lbs respectively, and these are the most prestigious and elite Muay Thai championships in the world. But what about larger fighters? Are there any top, elite organizations that allow higher weight classes? Are there any MT fighters who fight beyond 160+ that can be considered among the p4p best in the world? Is there any other championship or heavier fighters that can compare with the stadiums in terms of ability? I have a hard time believing that a martial art as popular and widespread as Muay Thai doesn't have elite fighters who fight at bigger weight classes.
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    The highest weight class at Lumpinee in 154, the highest weight class at Raja is 160. But in all actuality the very best of MT fight from 105-140 lbs. Weight classes above 160 are very low level and its mostly French and Russian fighters who do not have a talent development network anywhere close to Thailand.
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