MMA Journalism: Where do you go and Why

Discussion in 'The Wasteland' started by opcalsictoal, Sep 13, 2017.

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    My MMA Websites:

    1. MMAJunkie - Best in my opinion. Probably the best because it is part of USA Today and gets most of the scoops quickly. The analysis is usually solid and their website is well-organized.

    2. Sherdog - Clear second. These guys have been around since the beginning but they lack organization and don't get the breaking news up quickly. For example, most websites last night were immediately showing the Jones positive confirmation but Sherdog was nowhere to be found. Also, they often have analysis and opinion from different people about the same subject in separate articles on the front page all the time. Gets weedy... But, you can't substitute Jeff Sherwood and Jordan Breen... they really are the original and still the best.

    3. Bloody Elbow - Lots of scoops and great detailed analysis. Not for the casual fan but worth a regular look.

    4. MMAMania - Solid articles but not the breadth or depth of Sherdog and MMAJunkie.

    Honorable Mentions - Bleacher Report (Opportunistic Bastards but they've gotten their act together lately) (gets the scoop on everyone much more than I'd expect)

    Ok... Where and Why?
  2. itrainUFC Black Belt in UFC

    Jul 27, 2017
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    i go to google news and search UFC everyday. constantly and daily.
    whichever pops up first i read.
    same thing on youtube.

    if my day is too busy then i go to MMAdigest for my daily run. they usually summarize the day for me.

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