Losing weight while not losing strength or fatiguing?

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by 1tripz1, Aug 28, 2017.

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    I am 6ft6 and around 115kg, but lots of fat around the stomach. For the fist time in my life I want to get rid of it and see if I can really slim down, ideally to under 100kg.

    I do BJJ twice a week and lift twice a week. What sort of plan should I look at to not lose much (or ideally any) weight and not flag on BJJ days?

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    I guess you meant strength, not weight.
    To provide any kind of advice, we would need some more inputs:
    - Did you recently start training (bjj and lifting)? How long?
    - How do you feel at training at that weight? Got some cardio? Any pain (knee, ankle, ...) or something?
    - Where are you in terms of relative strength? How much chins, etc. can you do?
    - Do you understand the quality of your diet will be more important to your goals than your training? Have you started something, or planned at least?

    Many more questions but let's start with those.
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    many people say a caloric deficit with a high protein intake is the way to go to lose fat while trying to keep the muscle.

    you can google positive nitrogen balance.

    i know some people who did good with the low carb style while doing a lot sports activities. maybe you can't function on low carb and have to try it. maybe you consume carbs on workout days and low carb on off days or something.

    it's important to establish healthy eating habits and not to cut down for some weeks with extreme diets and then putting back on the weight.

    cutting out junk food/candy and stuff like soda would be a good start.

    i myself don't low carb. when i want to loose fat, i just eat a little less and up my overall physical activity. counting calories is a great tool but not a must.

    most important is that you are consistent and don't binge drink and overeat shit on the weekends. this will take you nowhere.

    look for "the grappler's guide to sports nutrition" by berardi. this should cover most of your questions.
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    I completely agree with this^^^.

    Do it slowly, get lots of sleep. Take a nap in the afternoon if you can before late day/evening workouts. As corpse said, don't do cheat days, you just make it tougher.

    I find I have much more energy when I eat small meals and don't snack. Easiest way to lose weight is to cut out the carb with dinner (potato, pasta, rice, bread) and to not take any snack foods to work. When I'm super busy at work and have only my two eggs for 11am and lunch (chicken breast and frozen veggies) at 3pm, I find that is the easiest way to stay lean with.

    The other thing is to hit the work out directly after work, don't sit down for a short relax. If I sit down for even 20mins to relax, my body just shuts down for the day.
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    For nutrition have a look at Leangains, see if it's for you.
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