Learning the hard way.

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    So I train in my garage but I'm on holiday where/when I get to use commercial gyms, I was continuing the same program but I fucked up because I didn't keep everything constant.

    I was deadlifting instead of my now usual trap bar deadlift and I didn't have my chalk which I use over 150k, also I'm in a hot country and there was no air con. With other people around too. I thought I could just grind it out but didn't factor in my diminished grip, dropped 160 kilos on my knees, the left one took most of it as the left hand gave way. I finished my workout and pretended I wasn't hurt but I think I'm lucky I didn't break my leg, tendon or knee cap. Lots of swelling, bad bruising etc but two days later on the mend and can squat so it's just a femur bruise or chipped bone.

    Reinforced that removing variables is the key, change one thing at a time and carefully at that. That day, I was the gym idiot.
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