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    Let us all talk about and discuss the latest shows/concerts that we have been to in the last couple of months. Share the good, the bad and all the ugly.

    Unknown Hinson - Two weeks ago, I got to see Unknown Hinson at a small little punk venue in the south Chicagoland. Opener was Soda Gardocki. Soda wasn't bad, but I was one hundred percent there for Unknown Hinson. Mr. Hinson killed it that night! I enjoyed some truly underground country/rockabilly music. He played all my favorites including Fishcamp Woman and Your Man Is Gay. It was a great time. He can really shred on the guitar too.

    Aaron Watson - I finally was able to see Aaron Watson. I have been waiting to see him for a couple years. His opener was Zane Williams, who was excellent. Zane had an authentic Texas sound which is my preferred style of country. He even played a medley of 90's country favorites. Aaron put on such an awesome show. He gets a little poppy from time to time, but that is because he is a happy dude with a beautiful wife and kids. He had a real deal country sound. I would definitely see him again.

    The Cadillac Three - Another band that has been on my radar. More southern rock than country, but good none the less. They were definitely solid. Out of all the recent shows I have been too, this is was my least favorite. Not because they weren't good, but just too many party songs for my liking. Opener was Aubrie Sellers. She was fantastic.

    Eyehategod - I have been wanting to see them since high school and finally did. Mike Williams was sick, so Lamb of God's Randy Blythe filled in vocally. Randy fucking nailed it though. He had stage presence and could hit the raw vocals that Mike does. Jimmy Bower, was such an awesome musician to see live as well. Openers were Toxic Holocaust and Smashed Potater. TH were a fun and fast trash band and SP were a grind/crossover group, also fun and cool.

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