Is there a Cheaper/Convienient alternative to Visalus?

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by GearSolidMetal, Sep 1, 2017.

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    About 7 years ago I got involved in some network marketing business called Visalus. While I don't approve of the business model, I gotta admit the actual shake mix product was the most effective I've ever tried.

    Two shakes a day, and a double-T-Bone meal for dinner, for 15 days later, and I was 14 pounds lighter. I'm not exaggerating, and I filled the shakes with bananas and yogurt - not exactly the best ingredients to add to shake mix if you want to lose weight, I later learned. Oh, and no exercise.

    The thing is, I got off of it because of the cost - $100/month - with whatever you buy from the store to add into it.


    So, lets come back to present day to discuss alternative products with the same effectiveness. I've tried a variety of protein/weight-loss shake mixes available from Walmart over the last few weeks, and unsurprisingly, not even close to the same results.

    So, in the last 7 years has there been a competeting shake weight-loss mix on the market, but without the network marketing / subscription gimmicks?

    I prefer to buy it over the counter, but if I can buy it over the internet, that's fine.

    Oh, and one last thing, this is absolutley NOT a stealthy/sneaky pitch to get people to sign up with Visalus. A friend of mine got royally screwed by them, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

    This thread is JUST to discuss other alternatives without the high expense and social marketing pyramid scheme bullshit.
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    Make your own................ research your ingredients and only use that which works.
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    It's not MLM, like Visalus or Herbalife.

    I never tried meal replacements. but I've heard of Soylent. I don't know their prices.

    Also, why don't you just try a simple protein shake? From what I undestand, these meal replacements offer you all the nutrients you need, right? You can try a protein shake with some berries or bananas and some vitamin and mineral supplements. It must be cheapper.

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