Imploding instead of exploding?

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by G-dog, Mar 17, 2017.

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    I'll read the article later but he is basically talking about sitting on your punches and being more solid on impact. It may be a little bit counter intuitive, but he is right.
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    I believe he's talking about compacting your technique so that you have better rotational motion.

    when we keep our limbs closer to our body, it's much easier to generate rotational momentum. I believe that's the point he was trying to make. By "imploding" you're essentially closing in your technique and bringing your limbs closer to your axis which ends up decreasing your moment of inertia to generate more velocity.

    It's like how he described a spinning person

    Although, I do believe you don't necessarily need to compact the upper body to drop downwards for the sake of rotational motion. Your head already resides at the center of the pivot point and won't really affect your moment of inertia. The main thing that keeps you from generating more momentum is your arm's length from the pivot point. See this example where this break dancer only "implodes" the legs towards the core, but his body expand longer, which doesn't affect the speed.

    If anything at all, it's a stylistic preference if you want to drop your weight on the punch or push upwards. People will have different opinions. I can see how people would like bursting upwards like a Mike Tyson style punch. When you do that, you're generating an additional force vector in the vertical direction. It's going to add to your kinetic chain of various moving parts, which will increase the force. So it's a matter of if you rather generate momentum from the free fall of gravity by sitting on your punches, or by generating momentum by explosive vertical movement. There's not too much we can do to control how explosive we sit on our punches compared to pushing upwards with our lower body muscle fibers. Although sitting on your punches will provide better balance and is more energy efficient.

    You you want a more quantified explanation, here you go
    To quantify that concept, think of this
    'm' is your mass and think of your arm as "r' denoted in the illustration. The reason why we don't wind up our punches far out from the body is because it increases our moment of inertia. In order to generate greater velocity, you want to decrease your moment of inertia.

    Take a look at this:

    L = mr * v

    Keep in mind that angular momentum is a produce of (moment of inertia) x (velocity)

    L = angular momentum ( "the angular momentum of a system remains constant unless acted on by an external torque")
    m = mass (which doesn't change when we throw a punch, so it remains constant)
    r = the length of the arm from the pivot point
    v = velocity

    In our technique, the only real thing we can control is 'r' and 'v'. We can make 'r' long or short depending on how far our arm is when we punch. The closer our arms are, the smaller our 'r' will be. So if the length of your arm decreases, the velocity will inversely increase.

    L = m r * V
    Since L (angular momentum is constant), 'r' decreases, as a result, velocity increases.
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    What a bunch of bullshit.
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    My 2c:
    That's why good boxing coaches will tell you to be "tight" with your punches. Hooks should be close to the body, elbows below shoulder height, bent. Otherwise it's just a haymaker. Good Karate will stress good balance over reach. Back straight, stance low, elbows close. The mechanics concept is the same as in boxing, even if it looks different.

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