How Lightweight Plays Out Next

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Peyow, Apr 22, 2018.

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    New Zealand
    C-Khabib Nurmagomedov
    1-Conor McGregor
    2-Tony Ferguson
    3-Eddie Alvarez
    4-Dustin Poirier
    5-Kevin Lee
    6-Edson Barboza
    7-Justin Gaethje
    8-Nate Diaz
    9-Michael Chiesa
    10-Al Iaquinta
    11-James Vick
    12-Anthony Pettis
    13-Alexander Hernandez
    14-Paul Felder
    15-Olivier Aubin-Mercier

    First of all i wanna start off by saying i most wanna see Khabib fight Conor, Tony or Lee next but i just dont see it happening....
    Conor McGregor wont be fighting anytime soon due to his court cases.
    Nate Diaz seems happy to just troll everyone on twitter while he waits for that trilogy fight.
    Tony Ferguson will be out for a while with his injury
    Considering the UFCs current ownerships hunger for "money" fights i see them giving Khabib the most trouble free road to McGregor. Therefore....
    C-Khabib Nurmagomedov vs 4-Dustin Poirier
    3-Eddie Alvarez vs 5-Kevin Lee
    6-Edson Barboza vs 10-Al Iaquinta (2 New York guys coming off losses to the elite fighters in the division)
    7-Justin Gaethje vs 11-James Vick (No one in the top 10 wants the Vick fight so makes sense that Gaethje would be the one crazy/stupid enough to take the high risk, low reward fight)
    9-Michael Chiesa vs 12-Anthony Pettis (Can see them rebooking this if Chiesa can fight soon)
    13-Alexander Hernandez vs 15-Olivier Aubin-Mercier (2 prospects fight to see which one is more ready for the push right now)
    14-Paul Felder vs Dan Hooker (Felders in a similar position as Vick. Looks like he could be an elite fighter who should be getting higher ranked guys but hasnt made a name for himself yet so not much reward in a higher ranked guy beating him. Seemed genuinely honoured and intrigued by the Hooker call out. Fun fight i can see happening)
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    This all seems pretty logical to me, so I doubt it happens this way.
  3. Nightmaree

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    The Orchid
    Khabib vs Ferguson
    Lee vs Poirier
    Vick vs Alvarez
  4. Joseph_McBride

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    TOO logical for WME's sake

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