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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by K1ngMe, Feb 7, 2018.

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    After 2 years of training at my gym I decided to leave. I am leaving because the environment is toxic, and they don't treat me with respect. I have 2 options and would like your opinions on which route I should take to become the better fighter in the long run. I've trained at both these gyms for 1 year each before the gym I'm currently at, and I loved both.

    Gym A) Boxing gym with multiple junior olympic champs, silver gloves champs, and many many other champion level amateur boxers. These guys are really solid at Boxing and many MMA fighters visit to improve their hands.

    Gym B) BJJ school that also offers Dutch Kickboxing. The instructors are 3rd degree Relson gracie black belts. The fighters are relatively successful, although not as successful at their respective art as the Boxing gym is.

    What should I choose? The higher quality Boxing gym? Or the more well rounded but less successful BJJ/Kickboxing gym? Please don't reply with go with what I enjoy more. I enjoy both equal. I just care about which one will make me the better fighter in theory.
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    ON, Canada
    What do you plan on competeing in?
  3. UL

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    I'm a boxing guy so gym a ;) but it's your preference, are you looking to compete in a certain sport or just want to get fit/self defense?

    if it's mma you are looking at, both lack certain departments
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    If you've trained at both gyms before my question would be why did you leave each one and has that reason been resolved/corrected?
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    B all day if you wanna be an MMA fighter.

    There's no such thing as "less successful" I mean after all, it is what you make it. now if you have a world class kickboxing instructor that actually knows what he's teaching and has experience in that martial art, then you're fine. same with the BJJ coach, if he's a 3rd degree black belt, then you're fine. seems to me you're looking more for a welcoming gym with no ego's, judging by you wanting to switch gyms?

    Now keep in mind, there is a such thing as a "high level gym" and well I'm not gonna say low level, but it's not a real big name gym such as a gym like American Top team, JacksonWink, AKA, etc. but if you're learning legit, world class technique then I don't see what the problem is? high level gyms IMO are more of gyms that have been built around fame/ or successful high level fighters.. and the gym that stands out the most when you look at that is JacksonWink MMA which is home to many UFC fighters (Jon Jones, Cowboy, Holly Holm, Condit) to name a few. I mean after all, Max Holloway started his MMA training in a garage and actually he trains at a gym with not a whole lot of attention built around it in Hawaii, so....

    The question is though, do you want to be a fighter? or do you want to just train and stay in shape?

    does the boxing gym have any other aspects they specialize in other than boxing?

    does the MMA gym have successful fighters/ or competitors? and are they teaching legit world class technique and not just something for crossfit purposes?

    I want to know what you're planning on doing so I can be more of a help. I feel like I can't help until I know specifically if you want to compete or if you just want to stay in shape.
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    Let me bang mang
    What are you looking for?

    I've been a guy who's trained at a MMA gym all my time in this sport, but I realize I really do MT most of the time because I enjoy it, I like MMA too, but not as much as striking. I've recently have had a falling out with my gym so I moved. Went to a MT gym. I've been through the situation you are as well. The coach didn't respect me, didn't teach me anything (basically just worked the bag and call up random fighters to drill with for the past year), and recently tried to set me up for injury with a fighter he favored (recent addition to the gym).

    Anyways, I feel all gyms provide a good exp. given they can. I'd go with the smaller scaled gym as the coaches would be more willing to help you out, coach you, etc. Once a gym gets big, it becomes pure business, and they lose the great experience they once provided when they were small time.
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    Well what kind of fighter are you? Grappler or striker? Do you want to round out your weakness or accentuate your strength? Ask yourself that and come up with your own answer.
  8. Woldog

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    Sounds like you need to man up and earn some respect.

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