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    I got a recipe for a great protein pudding:

    2 scoops of casein protein (either vanilla or chocolate)
    2 scoops of whey protein (either vanilla or chocolate)
    I mix vanilla whey with chocolate casein.
    20 fl oz/6 dl milk (or water if you want least possible carbs and fat)
    5 gelatin sheets
    + chocolate or chocolate powder (if you want it to be more tasty, I dont mind carbs so I add a mix of milk chocolate and dark chocolate). Just put in as much as you feel like, or dont.

    1. Put the sheets of gelatin in a bowl of water to let them soak for 5 mins.
    2. Pour the protein powder in a casserole, mix in a little of the milk (or water) and mix it well together so you get a really thick chocolate milk, then when its smooth you pour in the rest of the milk/water.
    3. Warm it up (doesnt need to be boiling but needs to be warm enough to melt the gelatin).
    4. Take the casserole of the heat and put the gelatin sheets in, stir till its smooth.
    5. Pour into a bowl and let it cool and get stiff before putting it in the fridge.

    Really yummy and you can make it with as much carbs and fat as you want.
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    Man, I can feel the mucus forming just from reading this recipe.

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