Gymnastics conditioning questions.

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by MaxMMA, Sep 24, 2017.

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    I feel like I've hit a rut in my bodyweight routine. More like I'm bored i guess. My usual routine is to do X amount of quality reps in X amount of time, and over the months try to increase reps and while decreasing time.

    I maxed out about 1 year ago, doing 300 push ups, 300squats, 300 crunches, 30-40 pull ups, all in around 25 minutes.

    I feel now that is a lot of work, and I'm not sure if doing so much is even necessary.

    I've been researching gymnist routines and i would very much like to be able to accomplish some of the feats of dexterity/strength that these guys can do.

    Most of the routines I've come across are variations of something like this:,2

    My question is, these routines seem to be a comparably lower workload then what i was doing about a year ago. Will a routine like these really garner me newfound strength/endurance. No doubt balance and stability will improve with these movements. Im also a little concerned about the seemingly lack of legwork these routines seem to have/not have. Are these gymnastics routines more geard toward upper body or is the lower body work of a gymnist Developed from the various hangs and lifts and if this is the case is this sufficient conditioning of the lower body as it pertains to marital arts?
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    It sounds like your strength-endurance is good to go, why not switch focus and try something higher tension/low rep for maximal-strength? Look into Overcoming Gravity program, it focuses on gymnastic style moves, and things like one arm pull-ups, one arm push-ups, muscle ups, et.
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    you should lift weights. just a little bit. at least deadlifts, frontsquats and presses. gymnastic training isn't optimal if you want to get stronger for martial arts. this training focuses on very special, mostly upper body strength skills and while you will get stronger from doing this, it is not an efficient way to train your whole body for martial arts. you should learn how to pick someone up and slam him to the ground etc. which is not the focus of gymnastics training.

    also visit for a big community about this stuff
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    Personally I prefer gymnastics and calisthenics over weightlifting.

    Look into investing into a pair of parelletes and gymnastic rings. There are plenty of things you can do to keep improving (refer the Genghiz's post and gymnastic Bodies).

    I still believe you will need to do some Barbell squatting and deadlifting. Unfortunately there is no replacement for that.
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    checkout the beginner routine on r/bodyweight fitness. There are some other good resources around like the Overcoming Gravity book, or

    It is important to balance push and pull movements. It is true nothing will replace weighted squats and deads but you can get somewhere with pistol squats and other variations and glute ham raises if you can

    To gain strength with calisthenics you should be working in low rep ranges just like barbell work, so low volume makes sense. Once an exercise is easy for you the way it works is you move to the next step higher in difficulty in the progression to keep volume low.
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    melbourne, australia
    I like gymnastics work for my upper body strength stuff when I rarely do it. Add in some barbell or 1 leg dumbell work and you have the body covered.

    If you just want to practice skills look at Gold Medal Bodies Rings programs. I did their elements program and it was as hard or easy as you wanted to make it. When I finish my current training and have somewhere to hang rings high enough I will be doing their Rings program myself.

    The alternative is to add weight to your current program. 30-40 Pullups is a bit low compared to the other volume you are doing.
    Gym jones trainer "Bobby Maximus" (most of his stuff is under this name) has some good articles on high rep bodyweight stuff also.
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    Im assuming you dont mean the tumbling(flips) aspect of gymnastics? Ive added gymnastic strength exercises years ago and its good. It is a lot of stress on your wrists because it relies a lot on straight arm strength and hand balancing. But stuff like rings, planche training, and Vsits, are really advanced and requires a different type of strength. Martial arts is all about balance so Id say it doesn't hurt to do weights, calisthenics, isometrics, gymnastics, and even breakdacing. Breakdancing is pretty much advanced yoga flexibility + gymnastic strength/balance + dance.

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