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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by jaysculls, Mar 17, 2017.

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    What's up everyone,

    Jason Scully here, Not sure if I'm breaking any rules....feel free to delete this post if I am.

    Basically I just launched my brand new version of the Grapplers Guide which is version 3.0. I created the Grapplers Guide 10 years ago and it's still rapidly growing to this day. I know many people have asked about it on here so I wanted to let you know that I'm having a huge sale during the initial launch for over 50% off of lifetime membership. No ongoing monthly fees or yearly fees. Just one and done.

    With over 135 five star reviews for the Grapplers Guide on our fan page it really has helped a lot of people.

    Some highlights of the Grapplers Guide:
    • No forever ongoing fees to pay. Pay once and never again!
    • Over 4,200 detailed videos and constantly growing.
    • All videos and programs are organized and easy to find.
    • Access to every program covering every aspect of grappling.
    • Access to all future programs and content included in your membership for life.
    • The most grappling and BJJ concepts you'll find online.
    • All videos, documents, worksheets, and files are downloadable.
    • Access to view and use our exclusive GrappleFlow interactive flow chart software.
    • Up to 50% off of gear like gis, rashguards, and shorts.
    • Monthly assignments and prize giveaways.
    • The ability to create playlists and save favorites.
    • The chance to get your rolling and training critiqued.
    • Access to our exclusive private group.
    • And lots more!
    I know people don't like it but this sale is temporary and then it goes back up to the full price. You can get it at if you're interested.

    Jason Scully
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    I'm a member and I love the number of techniques and value added discussions. 10/10
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  3. jaysculls Purple Belt

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    Thanks for the message!
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