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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by AntonCrowley, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Yeah I think so too, look like Thai factory product + rebranding to me as well. (No vent holes though.)

    My personal experience is also different to yours with Top King, they very snug, but plenty enough of length, I also have narrow hand relatively long fingers, in terms of length, able to fit in broken in 8oz better than some 14, 16oz even.
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    Not sure if cereal regarding fighting in 16oz gloves?? You probably mean sparring. I like lighter weight gloves just because they feel better to me. Really it all comes down to your ability to make a fist and your aptitude to know how to land your punches correctly. Bigger gloves don't make you punch harder. If you have injured hands you might be able to feel less pain if that's what you mean. You can also shadow box with heavier weights or resistance bands as an alternative workout, give your hands a rest. You don't have to always go all out when hitting the heavy bag. I like to mix up the power on my shots. Usually I turn on full power no more than twice in a 4 bell round. It's normal for your knuckles to get a little red after a long heavy bag workout. There is no real reason to have extra long heavy bag workouts where your just punching, unless your training for a fight. I would say 6 rounds for boxing or 3 rounds of thai boxing for a general workout is adequate. That is assuming your doing other things like skipping rope, pad work, sparring, and calisthenics etc. in your total workout.

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    when it comes to gloves it's all about personal preference I would recommend physically going into a local gear store and trying out a few different pairs. Hell you might end up loving the fit of some unknown brand over the more popular brands you've seen online.
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