Fury was out cold. Flush right hand.

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by Jin Akutsu, Dec 1, 2018.

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    I wish we had a ref cam cuz so we can really see what happened I saw it differently, by lights out punch I mean a punch that would usually be lights out, to me I saw fury react and took his time getting up to recover, it wasn’t like say Paul Williams or anything like that
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    You dont need the cam the ref has said this

    Though he lay motionless on his back for several seconds, Reiss always knew he was not knocked out.

    'I said three, four... he was grimacing, his eyes and his cheeks, he was grimacing so I knew he was awake and then when I said five his eyes popped open like I startled him,' the official added.

    'He rolled over and got up and said "I'm OK! Jack I'm OK" or whatever he said.'
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    The discussion is about his recovery? Well he recovered in time, therefore your comment is irrelevant. You dummy.

    You expect a rebuttal for "corpse eyes"?


    Whether he was out or not, it is I - R - R - E - L - E - V - A - N - T

    LMFAO do you even know what "limp" means? I don't think you do. Because you just posted a picture of Tyson Fury lying down on the floor which proves he was not "totally limp". His leg is up, you moron. That means it's not limp. You're so stupid. Hahahahahaha

    Hyperbolic nonsense because you have no actual argument.

    What the hell are you talking about? I'm not "making light" of anything. I am pointing out that you're spouting complete & utter bullshit. He got up before 10, therefore he wasn't "out". But even if he WAS out, and just somehow came to in a few seconds, he still got up.

    "corpse eyes"

    Yeah thanks for proving he wasn't limp. ROFL <Moves>

    You have provided zero evidence he was "out". Saying he had "corpse eyes" and posting a picture (which actually proves you wrong ROFL) doesn't prove your point.

    Keep owning yourself.

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