Finding Time and Engergy

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by BigJohn1795, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I need help finding time and energy to train or workout. I work 9-5 fives days a week most weeks. Sometimes only 4 days and some Saturday's here and there from 8am-12 people. My job is a lot of walking and on your feet because I work in sales. Some heavy lifting but not a lot. I was doing good and was motivated but now at the end of the day I'm just absolutely dragging. I have to drag myself to work some days, especially the next after a busy day. According to my step counter built into my iPhone I walk around 2.5-3mi a day in that time frame. I know I'm not the only one working this way where it's a lot of standing and walking so how in the world do you find time and energy to train in martial arts of some form or hit the gym. For the most part lifting after work is a no go. I tried that for a while and could do it but my local gym would be busy with folks and then about 7 the local factory would shift change and there goes the weight room. I may have to try working out 7-8:30 before work because by then people should be on their to work or already at work. I want to workout and get results and train without killing myself and I need to find time and motivation for that. Like I said I was doing good for a few months now I've slipped back into just hanging out after work and not being active.
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    All I can see is only excuses.

    I work 60 hours per week. I just engaged and got her to work with me at a different shift. I am training my fioncee out of shift and yet still find time to do small work out. For example when we get to the beach I would swim as much as possible. When we get to hang out at the beach I would do some bodywork. I am not putting my work outs in my blog as they are almost irrelevant, but point is I still do work out.

    My job is not as physically hard, but mentally it can break you down. Dealing with stupid tourists and giving 30 hours of night shifts is not fun. Next I may work out at night at work but we will see if someone can cover me for 45 mins during the night.
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    Assuming you sleep 8 hours a night, then you have 40 hours of work, and 72 hours of non-working time in your waking week. So clearly "I don't have time" is not a reasonable excuse. People who work vastly more hours than you who also have families who demand time still get to the gym to work out.

    Walking 3 miles spaced over a day should not be in any meaningful way detracting from your numbers in the gym, nor should it be sapping your energy.


    Nobody here can do that for you. We all prioritize what we want out of life - that's what motivation is. I want to be strong, and I want to be able to run fast. I go to bed early and get up early in support of those goals. If you can't make it to the gym, it's because sitting on the couch is for some reason more important to you than going to the gym.
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    Take some preworkout and grow some balls. You gotta want it.
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    I know what you mean TS.

    I used to work as a garbage man/mover in a big city hospital for 3 years, on rotation nights and weekend shifts. Incredible demanding physical job. I had 16 floors, by myself, that needed to be cleaned out twice a day and walked about 8km/6 miles a day while manually throwing tons of shit out and moving heavy stuff. Lol, I still whine about that job to this day, as you can see.

    Anyway, I did do go to the gym as well, but I was overworked and dragged myself around everywhere. Luckely there was a gym for employees so I could train after my shift and then head home. Still, it was brutal.

    My advice would be, do what you can. On the recovery end you have some stuff to gain. Don't party, don't smoke, eat clean, de-stress, get sleep, all that stuff. In regards to training, how much volume are you doing? At what intensities and how many times are you working out a week? I would cut down the volume and intensity and then slowly build back up again. Keep the workouts to the point, short and not too exhausting.
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    Sippin lean
    Sack the fuck up. You arent too busy, working too many hours, or working too hard.
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    Here's a few tips:
    1) Caffeine. Whether it's a triple expresso, a redbull, or a scoop of pre-workout, this will boost your energy levels even at the end of a crazy day.

    2) Music. Never underestimate a good workout playlist. A thread was created in this forum recently about motivational music, but there was plenty of similar thread created in the past, simply use the search bar if you need inspiration on this one.

    3) Programming. If you programmed a good ol 5/3/1 because the FAQ says so, but you actually hate it, you won't stick to it. The best program is one that you will stick to so make sure to pick a program that you like.

    4) Motivational Videos. Whether it's Dorian Yates or Pete Rubish, watching hardcore training videos might pump you up to push your own limits.

    5) Workout Apparel. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. Make sure to dress in a way that's comfortable and make you feel good.

    6) Gym. Pick a gym you like it will help your motivation to go there. Don't be afraid to try different gyms, most gyms will give you a free session or even a free week; they want your business.
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    I work as a teacher and coach so during the school year I am working from 7:30am-5:30pm with a wife and son. If you value your family and free time, then those 2 hour workouts are gone. I typically lift for 30 minutes 3 times a week. I do a big lift and then 2 supersets in my garage gym while my wife makes dinner.

    So in conclusion, try for 3-4x a week for less than an hour.
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    Hey BigJohn1795,

    I am far from the most experienced person when it comes to training methods, but I’ve become pretty good at understanding the mental side of things, so I’ll help as best I can.

    There are two things I’d like you to think about.

    First, George Carlin made a joke years ago about motivation. He said something along the lines of: “What is it with everyone walking around with motivation books these days? You were motivated enough to get the book. So, you’re motivated. Put the book back and save the money. Go do what you want to do.” It’s accurate, but only to a certain degree. The human mind isn’t usually that simple. There are hundreds of things going on in our lives that make us think one way or another. For some people, a short motivational/devotional type book is helpful for both getting started and being consistent. There’s a ton of free information on the internet. All it takes is making the effort to look it up and read it :)

    Second, and I’m not saying this condescendingly, we all have the same 24 hours to work with.

    I’ve been there. Many of the people here have. I remember working at Waffle House as a cook and waiter (getting sick thinking about it actually). There were MANY weeks that I worked first and second, took a nap on the bags of aprons/towels, and then came in for the last half of third and getting first shift going. Then, coming in on second shift the next day and working a double. 110 hour weeks back-to-back with no overtime suck. And I still had people telling me, “well, that’s just an excuse not to come to class.” Had to sleep some time lol. There were many other jobs. Some were good reasons why I could not do this or that, but I also had a lot of times where I turned reasons into excuses. Anyone can turn anything into an excuse if they are willing to put in the work to do that instead of just doing what they know they should do.

    I read your post a couple of times, so let’s break down a few things:

    We will just say you work 44 hours every week for simplicity. M-F 9-5, and Sat 8-12. If your hours are less, whatever :) That leaves you with 124 hours to work with. Let’s put back 70 of those hours for sleep (10 instead of 8 per night). That can account for rough nights where it’s difficult to sleep or whatever. That extra time could also be times you may have to work over or have something else come up you have to deal with. Do whatever you want with that extra two hours a day. You still have 54 hours left. That’s 7.7 hours a day divided out, but that is inaccurate. You have Sunday free. You see where I’m going with this right?

    What time do you get up to get yourself situated and ready to start work at 9 (including getting there)? Many years ago in an interview Martha Stewart was asked how she’s in such a good mood in the mornings. She said she makes a point of being awake between 2-3 hours prior to any engagement. That’s time to wake up, make breakfast, get in a light workout, shower, use the bathroom, get dressed, and watch an episode of your favorite show or play a video game. So, let’s say you get up at 6am, do whatever until you go to work, work until 5, and I’ll give two hours to get home because I don’t know how long that takes and you may have to do something else. Even with that schedule that gives all kinds of allowances for time, you have an hour between 7pm and 8pm (bedtime considering 10 hours) to eat and do whatever. You walked 2-3 miles at work, you did some light exercise before work, and now you can get in a 20 minute HIIT routine before a quick rinse and bed (don’t forget you can do whatever with that extra two hours we put towards sleep). I’m typing this book (partially because I’m bored) because I want you to seriously look at what you have broken down.

    Your time is yours to manage. So, take control of it.

    You walk 2-3 miles at work. Okay, it’s not the same as walking with a concentrated effort on the task, but it’s definitely not insignificant. When you exercise, choose something that compliments that. Do a ten minute warm up and then do bodyweight exercises. Wal-Mart has a 40lb dumbbell set for $30-40. You could spend roughly the same and get a couple of 25s. Buy a jump rope. Buy a kettlebell. Again, Walmart sells a 30lb kettlebell set (a 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb) for around $30-40. I know there are other stores, I’m just citing a place that I know sells the same old stuff. Buy a yoga dvd. Hell, get you a Billy Blanks Tae Bo dvd lmao for all anyone cares and do that before you get ready for work. It doesn’t really matter what it is, you have time if you want to have time.

    ***This part could actually be extremely important***
    You said you were doing good and were motivated, but now you’re not. You even have days where you have to drag yourself to work. When’s the last time you went to a doctor? Make an appointment and tell them about this, and tell them you would like to know if they think you should have blood work ran to check for thyroid and blood sugar issues and whatever else those things check. There could be an underlying medical issue that has developed. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not giving you medical advice. I’m saying make an appointment and be sure about it. Anxiety, depression (even mild) can cause this kind of change. Maybe you work in a soul-draining abyss from which there is no hope and you don’t realize what the place does to you. Sales is more often than not a stressful job. Take time to think about whatever else is going on in your life. Regardless of what it is, or how minor it may seem, something has caused this change and you need to find out what it is so you can address it, remedy it, and make efforts to avoid it happening again in the future.

    Your local gym – whatever… you don’t need it. You can do a lot of stuff without a gym. HOWEVER… what if you tried to get to know a few people that come in when it’s busy? What if you told them you could use a training partner? I mean, you said they are there every day, right? Since I have recently risen above stereotypes that were formed when I was younger, I now know that most people are just there to get in their exercise and take a break from all the other b.s. in their lives. They are just people. They won’t bite (so says the guy with the social anxiety disorder lol).

    You have a step counter app on your phone. Download one of those 5 to 15 minutes workout apps with it.

    Either way, I hope you took something from that and you can take control of your time.

    Best of luck :)
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    If you lift for 45mins 3 times a week you're fine. But yeah- whole ton of excuses in here!

    It isnt uncommon for pro boxers to put in a 12 hour shift working in construction then 3 hours hard training. Your excuses won't work on sherdog!
  11. ripskater

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    You don't have to but do you mind sharing your age, ht and wt?

    How is your diet?

    Does your job really stress you out? And if so, what aspects of it?
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    This doesn't sound like a time thing unless there is more information you are not sharing. Are you even married? kids? Who cares if you stand and walk a lot of work. All that means is that your non-exercise activity level is not sedentary. IMO working a sedentary job that is more exhausting mentally drains me more than if I could be more active at work.

    Besides the obvious lack of drive and motivation I think what you need is better planning. Maybe workout partners to help. If you have a significant other, talk to that person about it.
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    You will find your time if your dreams are big enough. I work five times per week,usually for 10 hours. Its really hard physical work..But still i find time for jogging 6 times per week,lifting weights and training grappling. Sure im single but fuck them girls,nobody taking my precious time!!

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