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    Apr 25, 2017
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    The UFC Performance Institute just released a 40-50 page journal detailing fighter analytics and what they see as the most critical performance metrics behind UFC athletes. I personally think that stat fetishism has no place in combat sports (and that this is more about the UFC pretending to be a big boy sport) but I haven't even finished the article yet. Hell, they probably paid at LEAST three interns to put this together so what do I know?

    Here's the link (and a mirror), I figured Sherdog Betting would be interested:
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    Had a brief skim-through. It's funny to me that there's no HW metrics in the cardio section, and I'm kinda curious which HW had the insane outlier vertical jump.

    Do wish they presented the data as something other than 'newtons', though. It's hard to derive hot takes from those numbers.

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