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Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by TidWell, Apr 15, 2018.

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    The sauna
    It's certainly true that forums are dying though.

    I used to post on about 6 or more MMA forums regularly and the only one that's still active is Sherdog.

    Anyone remembers this?
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    Saunders, Bas Rutten, todd duffee, enson inoue, ian mccall, and a lot of other fighters used to post on here.

    I remember back around 2007 or 08 I lurked on here but was too scared to join but I remember some thread that was insane, some guys found a chick who did porno on bang bus website and her name was Mackenzie something it was odd because she didnt look like a typical porn star and it bugged people out they said she looks like she came from a good family and apparently her friends convinced her to do porn on a dare while high on wood for spring break and she did several scenes in a two week span in Miami, and then some guys on here were like 4chan and were able to find out her real name and all this other stuff it was messed up someone sent her pornos to her friends on myspace and I think she contacted Sherdog and was crying and they deleted the threads.

    It was messed up, I was like dam they went to far, why would they do that to this girl and ruin her life. Sherdog had some cold blood trolls like that and it scared me from joining, im glad they are gone.

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