Do you still recommend starting strength?

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by HIMBOB, May 1, 2018.

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    There is no substitute, you only go power snatches if you can't physically rack the bar due to long fore arms.

    If your gym lets you deadlift, then they should let you power clean.

    Find another gym or do try to discretely do them while nobody is looking.

    People in fitness settings do dumbell cleans all the time. If they have a barbell in that gym, then they should expect people to make noise with it.

    Texas Method is an intermediate program. Its not meant for novice lifters. Starting Strength really is the best thing for someone starting off.
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    A long and narrow piece of land...
    As I said in other threads in the US and other developed and/or big countries you have that situation, here some gyms are way too aesthetic focus and any big lift is kind of look down.

    Power clean is the one from the knees right ?
    I did olympic lift for over a year and a some power lifting for a few months but I have no ego problems, I ´ll read about the other program Starting Strength , the problem is what I said before.
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    Not most novice progressions. But introducing either RPE, Back-off sets, or AMRAP sets in late novice early intermediate is pretty common.
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