Disliking a fighter for height is equivalent to hating a fighter for race. | Page 8

Discussion in 'The Wasteland' started by AngryManlet, Mar 18, 2017.

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    I'd tell them to found their own company if their goal is to be a CEO, I wouldn't sugar coat it and tell them if they just work hard they can make it to the top. Since if you are short or if you are black, even if your the better candidate, you will be passed over. You probably won't even make it to VP level. Not to say you can't be successful, but the C-level and board membership is a club not dictated by performance or ability, but whose vag you dropped out of and how tall you grew to be.

    That's how it really is.
  2. ClckwrkOra Blue Belt

    Jan 31, 2014
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    We show respect and progressive attitudes towards the disabled, but not the mentally ill?

    Any number of people, fighters and fanboys alike, made fun of Hamill's speech during his fighting days.

    And 60 million-plus people voted for Trump after he openly mocked a disabled journalist at one of his campaign events.

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