Did Michael Bisping take a dive for the GSP fight?

Discussion in 'The Wasteland' started by TomTomNT, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. WalterSobchak

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    What a fucking idiot. Ya bisping gave up his win bonus and took a dive.

  2. mcdowels

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    Whats crazy is bisping is supposed to fight again in 2 weeks
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  3. Sunken

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    Sep 22, 2017
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    if you listen to the Belive You Me Podcast with The count.. you could sense that he wasn't taking this fight seriously at all.. he seemed to delay his training , even asking for any one out there with wrestling skills to hit him up for a possible training session weeks out...

    GSP had 4 years to prep for his comeback and he obviously bulked up and took this shit seriously as fuck...

    i feel the Bisping did what luke rockhold did on their second fight..

    he underestimated RUSH
  4. TomTomNT

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    Lol i love how in 4 years a fighter goes from "being the most boring blanket fighter of all time" to someone these people now call a "hes always been a great striker" or "he always out struck his opponents", some of these comments really made me laugh.

    Obviously i have no proof, im simply wondering, there is no fucking way anyone here can tell me that bisping looked the same or normal in anyway...He was flat footed, hardly moved, was throwing super fucking hendo bombs which he never does, and somehow failed to capitalize on an exhausted GSP that seemed like he wasnt going to make it to the third round and was still breathing heavy 5 minutes after the fight ended.

    All in all, these new younger fans never notice the small details, sure GSP probably won fair and square, but its beyond fucking strange that a world champion all the sudden fights like he has never fought before, does everything he has never done vs a guy 4 years out of competition and gets KO'd by one of the worst strikers hes faced in his entire career, that to me is fucking strange.
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  5. balsi

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    Like I said, only somebody who has seen the history and psychology of these two and how they fight can detect this kind of thing. You obviously did as well. And sure it could have a been a fluke that Bisping suddenly decides to fight so dramatically different than he has ever fought before for reasons unknown, but this is certainly an anomaly like we have never seen before form Bisping. The guy ALWAYS fights the same way and suddenly in this fight he doesn't. Like you said, there is no proof, but it all makes you wonder what happened behind the scenes that we are unaware of, especially if this is a build up to something much bigger. People will always see want they want to see including us. But I often wonder why so few see what we see.
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