Cyborg's Coach: Edmond "Putting Cris Cyborg’s Name in His Mouth, That’s Not a Good Idea"

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    Michael Bisping and Cris Cyborg's coach, Jason Parillo returned on the latest episode of Submission Radio to discuss a bunch of stuff.

    Some topics covered:

    -Bisping's recent comments about retirement
    -His relationship with Georges St-Pierre
    -What kind of GSP he's expecting after the layoff and weight class change
    -GSP's obsession with facing Bisping as opposed to fighting at 170
    -If Bisping would fight Rockhold or Whittaker
    -If there's any updates on Cyborg vs. Holly Holm at UFC 219
    -Holm's striking vs. Cyborg's striking
    -The critics and coaches who doubt Cyborg and say she can be exposed
    -Edmond Tarverdyan saying he wants Ronda Rousey to fight Cris Cyborg and why it's not a good idea, and more!

    Some quotes:

    On Cris Cyborg Fighting Holly Holm at UFC 219

    “Some people, I mean, I even heard Ronda Rousey’s coach talking about it, I’ve heard holly Holm’s coach talk about Cris as if they feel like they see something that they can beat quite decently. And I like listening to their opinion about it because the truth’s in the pudding, and hopefully Holly takes that fight. And I love when people eat their words. And they talk about Cris being slow. She’s got great speed for a woman, for her weight class. She’s got great reflexes, she’s a hell of a fighter, she fought an awkward, dangly, big-hearted, tough durable girl like Tonya Evinger. There could be some awkward moments in there, so you can think maybe there’s some holes there, but there’s really not. Cris continues to sharpen her game time and time again. She’s out in Thailand right now on vacation, but a big part of her vacation is training, you know, that’s what she does. She’s constantly focused on being the best in the world and she’s younger than these girls and she’s younger than Holly and she’s got a lot more left in the tank than Holly does. So, I appreciate too because I heard a little shit talking coming on de Randamie. I appreciate that because what that does for me is it makes my job a lot easier, it really lights the fire, you know, it wakes up the lion and it really gets the motivation going over here on this side. So, god bless, I hope that fight happens because you’re gonna see exactly who Cris is because you’re gonna see a girl who at this point is not, in my opinion, is not the best she’s ever been, but a lot of people know who she is and, you know, she’s a preacher’s daughter. I personally like her, I think she’s a nice person, but she’s going to be biting off a lot more than she can chew when she comes into this fight.”

    Who the better striker is between Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm

    “I know Cris has the advantage on the feet. I mean, I know that Holly has a long career and has had her multiple boxing world titles and she’s done very well, that’s how she wins her fights in MMA too. But if I stop and look back at her last fight with Bethe Correia or whatever her name is, I mean, she’s sitting in front of a girl that’s taking fitness classes. you know, you’re sitting in front of somebody – that’s not what you’re sitting in front of when you’re sitting in front of Cris Cybrog. Cris Cybrog knows how to make people miss, she knows how to make people pay and she’s devastating, like you said, with her power. I mean, again, she’s going to be biting off more than she can chew. She can’t stand with Cris, she’s not going to be able to do that. She’s not going to be able to roll with Cris. Obviously, she’s going to be trying to set up her big left kick most of the fight. That’s where she’s got most of her weight in her shots, is that big kick. She’s got a decent straight left hand, but people don’t realize how big of a punch Cris takes as well. I’ve put her in with men that let her have it and she eats it up and puts it right back on them. So it’s hard for me to get my mind wrapped around anybody in MMA right now feeling better than Cris on the feet, because I don’t think the girls out there… they’re seasoned, there’s girls with accolades. Like when I look at a girl like Joanna Champion who’s got accolades and has a lot of… she puts stuff together maybe a little bit more, but most smaller people do, most smaller fighters have the agility and the athleticism to show more dynamics in their striking. But in all realness, as far as the MMA game in concerned, Cris is the best on her feet as far as the women are concerned.”

    On Edmond saying Cris is too slow and if it’s irresponsible for him to build momentum for a possible Cyborg/Rousey fight with the last couple of fights Ronda’s had

    “Well, I mean, that’s the way he works, you know? I mean, when a coach is talking about his fighter, you don’t know how, what works for them, you know? And maybe that’s how he gets her motivated and gets her pumped up and believing in herself, listening to him believe in her. I don’t know you. Is it better to say, “we would never wanna fight Cris Cyborg because she’d fucking kill us?”. You know what I mean? Like, it’s probably not good to say that, it’s probably pretty irresponsible as well. So if you gotta say something, you’re probably better off not putting Cris Cyborg’s name in your mouth, probably. That’d probably be the best thing to do. Because really, I mean, as far as being responsible or irresponsible and stuff, putting your fighter in a situation where they haven’t been successful in the last couple of situations, you probably want to wipe off, get them running again a little bit. But that’s not for me to say how he talks and handles his fighters, it’s really not. And I’ve heard this guy get a lot of bad wrap about a lot of shit. Hey, if you ask me, he has his system that he has with his fighters and I’m sure we don’t know about all the success he has, because he probably has had quite a bit of success that we don’t know about and a lot of failures, just like all of us coaches. We have ups and downs. I mean, we’re only as good as the fighter that we’re dealing with really, but we gotta be able to develop and make them better, and I don’t know if he does that or how he does that. He was doing something right for a while with Ronda. But as far as putting Cris Cyborg’s name in his mouth, that’s not a good idea. And god bless him, who else are you gonna call out? You should call out probably the girl, one of the last two girls that he fought. That would probably be a better callout. It would be more of an even match-up because the girl that he keeps calling out in Cris Cyborg, I believe would be – in an old school, back when Mark Coleman was doing it back in the day, I see Cris Cybrog beating all three of those girls in the same night, and I’m being serious when I say that. I believe that, and it’s the type of heart that Cris Cyborg has. It’s the type of ability, the type of strength and the type of endurance. She does. She’s really a special fighter, unfortunately and fortunately, because you know what it’s been like trying to get fights for Crs Cyrbog? It’s a motherfucker. Thank god we’re in the UFC, because now we have the ultimate promotion that can draw a lot more potential and a lot more girls and a lot more opportunities for Cris, cause Cris would love to, I mean if she’s in the gym she can fight three or four times a year, but she doesn’t. And it’s not because of the lack of wanting to do it, it’s more of getting the opponent to fight. So if we have Edmond, we got Holly Holm’s team and everybody’s team going, “wait a minute, maybe we can beat her. And let’s say we can beat her”. And now you gotta fucking cash the check that your mouth just fucking (wrote). You just opened up your mouth, now you gotta do something, which is exciting. Please, please look at the last fight of Cris Cyborg. Please, Holly Holm. Please, Edmond and Winkeljohn and the guy that talked negative about Cris and talk about how they think their fighter can beat Cris. Please, take that fight, please sign the line, please make that happen. We would love that. That gives us the attention that Cris deserves, it gives Cris the light that she needs to be in, for everybody to know exactly who she is and how bad she is.”
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    I'm not reading all that shit
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    Cyborg's talking like she's actually beat somebody. Marlos is literally the only recognizable name on her resume.

    And she was on roids that fight, <{cruzshake}>
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    Cyborg vs Edmond is the real fight to make.
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    I would love to see cyborg "maganaing" edmond in the next fighters summit

    We almost got to see edmund get into to it with werdum, but mini lesnar got in the way.

    Id pay cold hard cash to watch that.
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    Yo mamas
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    Cyborg putting steroids into her body. Not a good idea.
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    On my bike, or gone fishing
    I'd settle for Cyborg vs USADA.
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    Courteously Obeying All Traffic Laws
    She'd beat the living fuck out of him too.
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    Edmond looking for another female fighter to latch onto. He said it himself in his hearing, he hasn't had any income in the last 4 years...

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