Conor has a valid reason for attacking ref

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    Now idiot, usa came at this end of the war against Hitler. Russia did all the huge work. If u ignore that it s because u are brainwashed.

    Usa did let the attack of Pearl harbour, there isnt even a debate about this.

    Hey Rambo idiot, im not Arabian. Neither muslim, how dumb u are.

    Usa saved the world from tyrany by Killing civilian in South Korea ? Cambodia ? Or Vietnam ? Or maybe Laos ? Irak ? Native american ? Mexican ? Lybia ? Indonesia ? Panama ? japan ? Or maybe Nicaragua, huge treat the Nicaragua lol.
    Oh boi... so much countries, actually Since 1776 usa has been in war others others countries. So Who is the tyran ?

    Oh wait.. Usa best friend is Saudi Arabian lol.

    Oh wait.. How many mass murderer ur society generate ?

    Oh wait again, 2,2 millions of people are in jailed in ur country. Lol

    Funny boiii
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