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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Zeelot, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Hello there,
    I need a little advice in choosing the right gym for me, some oppinions from you. I am 33 years old, do weightlifting since three years and want to start MMA. Maybe with some amateur competitions in mind. After a lot of practice :D
    I live and work in a not-so-large city in germany. So there are only two gyms available in range, both with different focuses. I spent some trial workouts and both seem fine to me, with capable coaches. Unfortunately, the minimum contract term is one year and I must choose..
    I want to keep the weightlifting two days a week and add three days MMA.

    First one is a normal gym with combat classes. They offer 2x/Week Muay Thai and 1x/Week no-gi BJJ (called MMA ground). But the MT classes are separated, there ist no All-in-one-MMA class.
    The second one is a Gracie BJJ school. They offer 1x/Week no-gi BJJ (also called MMA ground), 1x/Week mixed MMA (they switch every week between grappling and striking) and 1x/Week MMA Sanda/Stand-Up. Seems perfect, but the Sanda/Stand-Up is more like Fitnessboxing or TaeBo, not really a technical training. You learn to strike and kick, but mor with aerobic exercise in mind.

    And this are the only available options for me. What seems, with progression in mind, better to fit? The BJJ coach in the school said, striking is faster to learn, so he focus on grappling. But this is nothing I can estimate.
    Hope someone could give me some advice.

    Thanks and greetings,
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    May 9, 2007
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    Minimum contract of one year got to be a joke.

    Well if you can afford it, sign up to the one the closest to your house or work.

    Another good option would be looking for a judo club that is not there to profit of people.

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