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    Hi fellow sherbros,

    Does anyone have recommendations for certifications in nutrition that do not involve a 4-year degree? I'm looking into Precision Nutrition level 1 and wondering if it's worth the investment. I might be looking to start training clients at the gym and want to be qualified to provide both training and nutrition advice. Thanks in advance.
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    Local college

    I have a few that were free but depends where you are from

    Probably can even get them from online courses these days

    Does it mean much to your clients if it's from online?
    Who knows
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    Let me bang mang
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    the best qualification for a trainer is to look like he practises what he is preaching. just get a standard degree which doesn't sound like sixpackabs.com.

    most people don't care for your exact education. they just want to have a good example which means don't be skinny fat and try to sell fitness and nutrition for a living.

    nobody ever asked me about my degrees. you have to look and talk like you know what you are doing. be in shape and know the basics to the point. i am from germany so i don't know your standard educations for fitness but precision nutrition has a good rep. how much is it and how long does it take?
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    I would say if you have limited knowledge or are looking for a cert that carries its weight precision nutrition is absolutrly a top 3 choice.

    If you currently have a great foundation and have produced results, any accreddited one will work.

    I intend on grtting my PN in the future fwiw and i currently have a decent grasp on nutrition. Berardi is excellent and teaches concepts in simple relatable manners for future clients. One of the best trainers in my area adam lloyd is also pn certified and runs the phoenix coyotes rookie camp.
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    I think the PN cert is cool for those that need to learn how to coach/guide the general population through nutrition. Some of my colleagues passed their exam without reading their text, although they had been experienced trainers/coaches/nutritionists/dietitians.

    For general population and physique athletes, which in my opinion have similar goals (fat loss, lean gain), you should consider the Mac Nutrition University course. It's a 1(?)-year program from Martin MacDonald, MSc. You go through case studies and interactive assignments. This program is straight forward.

    If you had a degree in Exercise/Sports Science and want to work with athletes, I recommend the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition (2-yr program) or the ISSN Diploma in Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition (1-2-yr program, depending on your own schedule.

    I would categorize them as such:

    Bottom tier: NASM WLS & FNS; PN Level 1; ACE; ISSA Sports Nutrition
    Top Tier: MNU; IOC; ISSN.

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