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Cant find enough time to get all my meals in

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by Symbolistic, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Symbolistic White Belt

    Dec 20, 2013
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    I know this may sound stupid but hear me out here.
    I usually go to my job very early in the morning, I literally leave at like 7:30AM-8AM and finish work at 1-2PM (I work part time), then I reach home at 3 or 3:30PM and leave by 4-4:10PM to reach to the MMA Gym to train until 8:30PM and reach home at like almost 10PM

    This is an example of some of my days schedule, I am rarely home enough and now I am going to start going back to a weight lifting gym ontop of MMA, but I'll be weight lifting very early in the morning, most likely 5AM-6AM or a little later so I can still reach to work on time.

    So hopefully you see my issue by now.
    I am rarely at home and when I am home I have to rush to eat something or I will go without food.
    I am on a budget. Yes I work, but I have to help my parents with bills and pay for MMA, I just don't make enough money to comfortably cover everything, I am struggling. I can barley afford food.

    I just need some advice I train a LOT and now I wanna get back to lifting weights so I can bulk up, hell I don't care I'll be doing a bit of GOMAD to gain weight also, it worked for be before, gave me great success.
    Only problem is now I don't have much time to eat or get down all those calories since I am always going somewhere or I'm traveling on the damn train which takes an hour to go to my destinations.

    So what do you guys think I can do..?

    Aug 22, 2009
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    I have a crazy schedule that varies every day. For example, I wake up at 5am every Monday to go to class, then I work the whole afternoon and only have 30min break to eat. I lift at night. What saved me from not eating enough or resorting to junk food was doing IF. Fasting from 9pm to 1pm and then only eating twice a day sometimes three made things a lot more simple. You should take a look at IF (google leangains and rippedbody both sites are excellent!) see if this is something you could do.

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