Buying a small sauna?

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    Pretty much all I go to the gym for now is the sauna. Got weights/squatrack/bench at home, do BJJ and some outdoor running for cardio. But I can't live without the gym sauna, it helps so much with recovery.

    For a joke I looked into how much they cost and a 1 person one is actually well within my means:

    You can also get one a little cheaper using infared lights, although that sounds dangerous to me.

    Has anyone bought a small sauna for home before? How easy are they to maintain? What sort of lifespan can I expect?

    The idea of having my own sauna is an absolute dream.
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    I bought an extra shower curtain rod and a plastic shower curtain. I positioned it above my shower, so I have essentially now created a "box" by sealing off the shower roof with the plastic curtain as a roof/seal. Turn the water as hot as it can go, and take a steam bath. Works really well. Put a towel under the door as well. etc. Im sure you get the idea.

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