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    Buckethead is notorious for never doing interviews or speaking aside from random voices he makes on certain album releases but he makes an exception here. I have been a fan of Buckethead since I was 10 years old and this was one of the most surreal things I have ever heard in my life. Buckethead is completely out of character, even being referred to by his real name Brian Carroll (from every source I have heard stories from, he does not like being referred to by his real name), and he speaks openly.

    I wish they would have gone into certain topics (like Guns N Roses, his love for Disney, etc.) and more on the music but from what I understand this guy is Buckethead's therapist and has been for some time so they speak on a bunch of philosophical stuff. Its like listening into a therapy session for him and, as a fan for 20 years now, I can only describe it as surreal. He was always this mythical figure for me and its strange hearing from him as a normal human being. I know there are some other fans on here so if you're interested here it is. As far as I know, this is the only interview in existence with him speaking out of character. I hope he does another one because I have so many questions and topics I wish I could hear him speak about.


    -Basically confirms he has social issues. I think you can hear it in the way he speaks. Talks about how he knows he has sabotaged himself from bigger opportunities in his career because of these issues and how he has problems dealing with people in the music industry.

    -Talks about his lifelong dream of building a theme park.

    -Shit gets real as he reveals he has a heart condition he has been dealing with. He had an operation and is on medication for it. He even says the reason he did the interview was because he didn't want to have any regrets in case something ever happened to him.

    -Goes into detail about his back problems that kept him from touring for 5 years.

    -He gets emotional talking about his parents passing away. Sad stuff and crazy hearing him show emotion.

    -Talks about the origins of the Buckethead character and what led to its creation.

    -Talks about his friends like Brain Mantia and how Bootsy Collins took him under his wing and really looked out for him.

    -His love for Michael Jordan, Paul Gilbert, and Shawn Lane.
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    It puts the lotion on its skin.
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    I can definitely hear it in his voice, I empathize with him, can feel that social phobia.

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    Pretty cool. I thought he had done some interviews a few years back, but honestly can't recall. Sucks to hear about his heart condition, seems like a solid dude. One helluva unique guitar player for sure.
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    Wow thanks for posting this. Big fan and probably wouldn't have stumbled upon this.

    His real voice is pretty close to the one he uses through that puppet.

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