BJJ and bench press = elbow pain. Overtrain?

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    I've been doing some heavy bench pressing lately. I am trying to bench 1.5 * my body weight, which I am getting really close in doing (at about 1.45*bodyweight now, humble brag).

    I do strength ~3 times a week. I have a 2-day split. A pull day and a push day. I notice if I train to much pull exercises, my bicep/inner elbow start hurting, especially if its just after a BJJ day. So I basically never do bicep curls or similar. Heaviest stress on biceps I have, is pull ups or really strict and slow rows.
    On the push days I have not really noticed anything until just now. The whole area around the elbow hurts if I train too heavy and long sessions (2hrs).

    I also train BJJ two times a week. My gym is really really competetive, and each session is atleaset 45min sparring.

    One important thing is that I actually have never been older than I am now. I am 31. Am I developing arthritis? Time for TRT?

    What can I do to avoid more pain? Not train heavy each day? No play the guard in BJJ? Will I ever be able to train like I was 25 again?


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