Best Orthodox Counter Fighters

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by UnderRatedGroundGame, Jan 13, 2018.

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    So a lot of great counter punchers are southpaw. Obviously this is because the open stance position makes the right hand the most likely hand they will have to counter (hand fighting usually forces this)

    McGregor and Silva, both southpaws, come to mind when you think of a counter puncher in MMA. Kelvin gastulum too. Now maybe I just don't follow MMA closely enough, but I have a hard time naming Orthodox counter punchers. When I think southpaw I can name a ton.

    Even Wonderboy utilizes most of his counters from southpaw stance. The only great counter puncher I can think of is Cody but even he isn't as untouchable as his southpaw peers.

    So yeah if you can think of any send them my way. Even prospects or non ranked fighters.
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    I love to counter fight and I fight mainly in ortho so iv had this question as well. So far iv come up with

    Frankie Edgar (I consider reactive takedowns a counter of sorts)
    JDJ (prime)
    Jose Aldo
    Dom Cruz(switches stance a lot)
    Killashaw(switches stances a lot but more agressive than Dom)
    Gus(beautiful againt Glover)
    Bj Penn(was usually pressing forward as he countered)
    Og chuck (kod guys moving back pretty often)

    Sean O'mally is a dope southpaw prospect but his counters are crazy

    Hope this helps hopefully someone els chimes in because thats all i got haha

    Also shout out to Lando for a spinning kick counter after catching his opponents

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