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Another thread on BCAAs (made out of human hair?)

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by frango, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. frango Blue Belt

    Jul 30, 2012
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    Hello all...

    So, today i was navigating MyProtein website and i called them on the Chat service.
    I asked the guy (or robot) about their BCAAs (where do they come from?) and the answer was "Duck Feather" and the Fermented version comes from SOY.

    Their BCAAs made out of SOY suposedly is suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans. Ok.

    But i was surprised and searched about it on a website called GOOGLE. And yes, BCAAs are usually made out of Keratin from animal skin, birds feather or even HAIR.

    Another source is vegetable source: corn or soy.

    So i was thinking...isnt keratin a bad source of protein? I used to reduce BCAAs to a broken down form of protein.So now i am thinking if my body absorbs that stuff AT ALL. Keratin? Really?

    Also, it is well known that the bulk of aminos come from China. Does anyone believe they have any kind of ethics there to be extracting BCAAs from Keratin? I mean, human hair pre-during-post workout, anyone??? Seriously, human hair, duck feather, animal fur...is kinda all the same.

    I was also wondering that BCAAs taste like some chemical product. I read that they use a veriety of chemicals to reduce keratin to aminoacids. So, i wonder...IS EVEN HEALTHY TO CONSUME BCAAs? Isnt that shit pure garbage?

    I mean...i drink it during my workout and the only thing i can think about is i am ingesting aminoacids...but what about all the chemicals?

    If i am even ok with my aminos being extracted from fur, feather or ( fuck me) human hair...
    1-do i really get benefits from it?
    2-isnt it just a white chemical powder that does not provide any nutritional value?

    PLUS: Aminos extracted from SOY. Isnt soy bad for males when it comes to estrogen/testosterone production? BCAAs extracted from soy are ok? or not?

    Jesus, its crazy stuff. I did the research and i took a nap after it...i even dreamed about the subject.
    I really like the idea of ingesting BCAAs as they are SUPPOSEDLY healthy and beneficial..you know, effing amino acids per se.

    Let me think what you guys think about it.
  2. tdluxon Black Belt

    Mar 2, 2009
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    I just recently started using bcaas. It's my first time taking any beyond a protein shake. I can't tell if it's having any effect at all
  3. frango Blue Belt

    Jul 30, 2012
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    yeah, it was always said that free form aminos were very easily absorbed and much faster absorbed than whey...because it was "broken down protein"...
    But knowing now that it comes from Keratin makes me suspicious. Now i have the feeling that it is just a big BIG scam.

    I believe in whey protein because it is Whey, it comes from MILK. Yes, there might be chemical process involved but still even taste like milk.

    But Keratin? Duck Feather? Fur?
    It does not sound good to me...

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