A question about distance when combining punches and kicks

Discussion in 'Muay Thai and Kickboxing' started by chikoroll, May 8, 2018.

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    May 8, 2018
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    This has really been driving me nuts and is the reason I have joined this forum.
    I am not really a beginner at muay Thai. I have lived in Thailand a number of years and had 1 fight a few years ago in my twenties. I do still train here everyday but most schools are quite run of the mill where you go in and do your routine and leave with little technical work on techniques.
    My issue is distance and putting together simple fluent combos of say jab, cross, kick for example.
    Jab then cross... ok but then I am to close to follow up with any kind of kick. Kicking from this position I connect the bag around the knee area. To connect at lower shin I need to move back as I am too close. Then from this position where it is comfortable to kick from I am much too far out to connect a punch.
    I see other people throw this combo fluently and it is a major part of muay thai.
    I am quite lanky at 6ft 3inch and have long legs I wonder if that is why I have this issue.
    Any tips or pointers on correcting this would be much appreciated. Sometimes it comes up during pads and I have tried a few times to show the trainer but he never fixes it.
    It's very frustrating as jab, cross kick seems such a simple combo.
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    We have a pretty good standup forum with members fighting in both pro and amateur circuts, i would highly recommend posting this thread over there.

    This Muay thai subforum is mostly for fans, not practitioners.

    Maybe a mod can move it? @panamaican ?

    as for advice, youre a tall lanky dude and you are probably crowding yourself on the bag. Maybe youre stepping too far in with your jab. Your cross should have some serious reach. Try to just tap with the jab, then twist into the cross. If you are landing the cross at the right distance ( medium to long range ) then the lowkick should be dialed in.

    It gets a little hairer with chaining the left hook to lowkick if you are uneasy about your distance.

    Its very hard to judge this without a video.
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    Get full extension on your punches and step out on the kick.
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  4. shincheckin Purple Belt

    Sep 15, 2012
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    where in thailand are you? I find it hard to believe its difficult to find good instruction there. If your not getting it at your gym, try another.

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