A History of Violence: Deconstructing Rory MacDonald’s Fight Game

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    UFC refugee, accomplished kickboxer and noted mixed martial arts striker, Paul “Semtex” Daley is experiencing a bit of a resurgence, having gone 4-1 in his last five fights under the Bellator banner and coming off of a potential knockout of the year win over perennial contender Brennan Ward. Daley himself is a stone’s throw away from realising the potential and championship success that his prodigious physical talent and dynamic striking skill earmarked him for.

    Standing in his way is the subject of this article, Rory ‘The Red King’ MacDonald. MacDonald makes his return to mixed martial arts after essentially taking over a year off to recover from injuries and explore free agency. But now the Canadian native is back in action and ready to resume his assault on the welterweight division.

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