3 weeks to tournament - need to boost power energy and speed

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    Hi guys. First of all excuse my English. I'm 5.6 f (171 cm) and 154 p (70 kg). I train 5 times a week (mon-fry) bjj. I’m 8 months white belt and I start this regime last month. 3 of my trainings are around 2 hours and the other 2 around an hour and 15 min. At Saturdays I run a little or I do some light weights. My daily dieting and suplementation regime is:

    Morning (7:30 - 8:00) - big bowl of oats with milk and one banana. I also drink small coffee and a cup green tea with 2000m vitamin D

    Lunch (12:30-13:00) - chicken fillet with some steamed vegetables and a salad. After that I drink cup of green tea again

    Afternoon (16:30-17:00) – two bananas and one small coffee and 1000m vitamin D.

    Before training (18:30 – 18:50) – BCAA (2:1:1) one dose (5000mg)

    After training (20:00-20:30) – BCAA (2:1:1) another dose (5000mg) + 300 mg magnesium.

    Dinner (21:30-22:00) – 3 eggs, yogurt, cheese and some whole-grain bread.

    Before sleep (23:00-23:30) – 2000mg fish oil

    I try to drink enought water to keep my urine clean.

    I’m the smallest guy at the gym, but I feel super weak and slow. After 3 weeks I’ll compete for a first time and I want to boost my energy and power. I read many related topics and articles. Thanks to that I create this regime for me, but I feel that I need to change something. I’ll be thankful if you give me some advises.

    One of my thoughts was to take creatine, but I need to cut 2kg (4 to 5 pounds).

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