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Discussion in 'MMA Betting Discussion' started by EzFlyer, Dec 30, 2017.

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    I'm not quite sure what the future holds. I first purchased BTC very low, spending only $600 a few years ago to purchase 1.34 BTC at $447, and grew that via gambling to the several BTC total I have now while the value grew exponentially at the same time. That means that I'm so very far ahead that I'm not that eager to sell out. I was tempted when it went over $20,000 recently, but even though it's bouncing around $13,000-$14,000 this week I think I am going to hold and see what happens.
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    Has anyone here had issues with withdrawing from 5 dimes in 2017?

    Their cap is still a max of $2500, right?

    any tips, or stories?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I think @Rebel_LioN had some problems
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    A quick summary since I started MMA gambling in December 2016 is I'm up $438 = ~11U @ $40 per unit.

    I take big risks with my MMA cash when I'm up, unfortunately I got unlucky with some $300 - $400 size bets, which ate away a lot of my profits from my first year. I need to be more disciplined with my bet sizing. Even though $300 of house money may not be that much for me at the end of the day, it does represent a decent chunk of my MMA bank roll, so I should respect it.

    Looking to take 2018 more a bit more seriously by watching tape, looking for value bets over fun and tailing some of the more talented bettors in here. I will keep putting bets on just to enjoy the action, but I think these fun bets I should adjust down in size. Through 0.5U on a fighter I like to watch and save the 3 - 4U+ bets for where I see value.
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